Tesa DuPre

Tesa DuPre studied ceramics beginning in 1977 at Berry College in Mt. Berry, Georgia for four years as an auditing student before setting up her own studio and building a gas fired kiln. She continues her education in clay through workshops, mainly at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina.

Tesa works with hand-mixed stoneware clay and porcelain, making functional one-of-a-kind pots. Most of her work is wheel thrown, but she also does some slab work and altering. Her work is fired in a reduction atmosphere in her kiln. Recently, she has had the opportunity to participate in anagama and groundhog wood kiln firings. Her forms and surface treatment are simple and casual and often reflect her love of the outdoors. Because she loves to fly fish for wild trout almost as much as she loves to make pots, fish often show up on her pots. Tesa creates pottery in her Rome, Georgia studio.

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