Artist Submission FAQ

Thank you for your interest in our gallery. Please follow these guidelines when submitting your art for review by the Macon Arts Gallery Committee. 

  • Submit at least three works for consideration, one image for each two-dimensional work (paintings, photographs, etc.) and no more that three images for individual three-dimensional work (sculpture, ceramics, etc.). Include the size and price of each work.  The Gallery Committee prefers to see an example of the work you create; please show at least one piece as you would display it in the gallery. All work must be created by the submitting artist.
  • Digital images can be e-mailed or mailed to the gallery on a disc. If you don’t have means of making a digital image we can refer you to someone who can. Photographers may submit 8x10 inch prints.
  • Include an artist’s statement, resume or biography. This can be e-mailed as well.
  • If you mail your materials and want them back after they are reviewed, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope and we will return them to you.

Mailing address:          Curator
                                      Macon Arts Alliance
                                      PO Box 972
                                      Macon, GA 31202

E-mail address: 

  • Even after acceptance, we reserve the right to decline any work that we feel is not appropriate for our gallery. This includes work that is improperly framed or excessively large or expensive. Note: special exhibit shows are by invitation, but we will review proposals once your work is displayed in the gallery.

  • Gallery Guidelines if accepted:
    • All canvas work must be framed or have gallery wrap canvas with painted sides. Warped canvases will not be shown. All two-dimensional original work must be framed (unless gallery wrap), wired, ready to hang, titled and priced.
    • Prints must be matted, in a protective sleeve, titled and priced. We will not hang giclée prints. They will be displayed in the print bin.
    • Three-dimensional work such as pottery, sculpture and jewelry must be labeled with price and artist’s name. Items that appear functional but are decorative must be labeled as such. Glass vases/bowls must have smooth bottoms.
    • Art submissions will be featured in the gallery for three to six months. It is the artist’s responsibility to rotate work at the end of the six-month period.
    • Once accepted, you may pick-up or deliver artwork with an appointment.
    • Commission is 40%. All artists are required to fill out a W9.