Boyce Covert

Boyce Covert is guilty of accumulating a massive number of things including: vintage textiles, kitchenware, seed pods, and seashells. Boyce says, “Artists are prone to examine and collect natural and man-made objects.” She loves the repetitive patterning seen in textiles and the lines, forms, textures, and shapes discovered in nature. These objects are visual research and play a large role in the creative process.

Boyce carves symbols to create clay stamps which represent in some fashion the objects that she has accumulated.  Many symbols, like the spiral, circle, cross, and X, are universally known.  Some of the symbols carved into the clay surface duplicate a texture or pattern found on a vintage textile.  Using paper templates, hand carved stamps, and slab construction, she combines the natural with the man- made to fabricate functional clay vessels.  Boyce enjoys the creative process from flat sheets of clay to boxlike cups, bowls, and trays. Boyce lives in Carrollton, Georgia.

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