Juana Gnecco

Juana Gnecco was raised in Bogotá, Colombia with an appreciation for handmade objects and a love for working with her hands. In 1996, she came to the US to study. Although she did not take any ceramics classes in school, the longer she lived in Athens, the more she stumbled upon beautiful functional pots at dinner parties, art sales, and sometimes received them as gifts. Soon she had a small collection of her own and began to want to learn more about the making of these objects. She took a throwing class in 2007, and has been making pots ever since. She is fascinated by the process of working with clay, always opening new challenges and possibilities. She is inspired by the long history of handmade, functional pottery, by its similarities and variations through time and across cultures.  Juana’s work strives for the beauty of simple forms and compelling surfaces.  She makes pots for food, flowers, and candles, with the hopes that each piece finds its way into a home, turning everyday routines into daily rituals.

In addition to working in her studio, Juana has taught and organized a pottery co-op for Latino women, taught clay classes for children, and has been a studio assistant at Good Dirt clay studio.

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