Rachael Zaudke Wilkins

Rachael Zaudke Wilkins has been enthralled with animals and nature since childhood.  She began her Saddlebred career at the age of nine while achieving her Girl Scout ‘equestrian badge.’ Over the next decade, Zaudke competed on a national level as a youth and graduated to the amateur ranks as a young adult.  Her focus on the equine led her from showing horses to teaching, then training, and eventually to explore its form in her art at Murray State University in Kentucky, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2003.

Her passion for the horse form has evolved in stages, each revealing a different aspect of the animal.  Capturing the enormity of the horse while exploring the mass and stature of the equine, some of her figures are abstract while others retain a classical form. Fascinated by the animal world, Zaudke sculpts a variety of creatures, often finding inspiration in her local environment. From spotting deer in the wild to coping with the disfigurement of her dog, Zaudke sculpts from the heart - empowering her animal forms with the spirit of the animal itself.

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